Home News Alhaurín el Grande Drug Dens Smashed

Alhaurín el Grande Drug Dens Smashed


The Guardia Civil has arrested ten individuals in an anti-drug operation that led to dismantling four drug distribution points and a plantation of 38 marijuana crops in Alhaurín el Grande.

As reported by the Guardia Civil, the investigation commenced upon learning that several residences in the El Bajondillo neighborhood were involved in retail drug sales, leading to a continuous flow of consumers from this and neighboring areas.

A series of investigations confirmed that drug sales, primarily a mix of heroin and cocaine known as “revuelto” with a high percentage of adulteration, were taking place in four properties. It was also discovered that another property housed an indoor marijuana plantation, illegally powered.


The operation concluded with raids on five residences, resulting in the dismantling of four drug distribution points and a marijuana plantation with 38 plants. Agents noted that the residences were obtaining electricity through illegal connections to the power grid, leading to disconnection and removal of these illegal hookups. Consequently, the individuals involved were investigated for offenses against public health and electricity fraud.

Additionally, one of the detainees has been linked to a burglary in the locality, leading to the charge of said offense after identification. The detainees were brought before the judicial authority, with one of them remanded in custody. This operation was conducted by personnel from the Guardia Civil of Coín with support from various units of the Málaga Command and officers from the Local Police of Alhaurín el Grande, and involved around 80 agents in the operation.


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