Home News Lucky-Lucky Men Face New Entry Barrier Into Spain

Lucky-Lucky Men Face New Entry Barrier Into Spain

Lucky-Lucky Men

Senegalese Transit Visa Requirement: A New Hurdle at Spanish Airports

Lucky-Lucky Men now not so Lucky-Lucky!

Thousands of expats in Spain- including tourists from across the globe- have at one time bought a ‘knock-0ff’ watch, designer handbag or glasses from their local ‘lucky-lucky’ man. The on-street barter trade could be coming to an end however as passport holders from Senegal now face an additional requirement when planning air travel through Spain – the need to obtain a transit visa, according to recent reports.

Increase in Asylum Seekers Prompts Action

Spain’s decision to implement this measure stems from a notable uptick in Senegalese individuals seeking asylum upon arrival at Madrid Airport, despite initially claiming to be en route to Brazil.

Official Announcement from Spanish Authorities

A recent statement from Spanish authorities confirms the change, stating, “From February 19, 2024, Senegalese nationals holding ordinary passports must possess an airport transit visa (TAP) to transit through the international zones of Spanish airports.”

Preventing Misuse of Layovers

Authorities emphasize that the transit visa requirement aims to prevent travelers from exploiting layovers at Spanish airports.

Strain on Asylum System

With Spain’s asylum system already facing strain, officials cite the necessity of avoiding further overcrowding at Barajas Airport spaces designated for asylum seekers.

Previous Measures and Requests to Morocco

Prior to the transit visa requirement, Spain initiated measures to deter misuse of transit rules by Senegalese travelers. At the end of January, Spain formally requested Morocco to deny boarding to flights with layovers in Spain for Senegalese passport holders without recent Schengen visas.

Understanding Transit Schengen Visas

A Transit Schengen Visa is issued to travelers needing to make layovers at Schengen Member States’ airports en route to non-Schengen destinations.

Countries Requiring Transit Schengen Visas

While certain countries’ nationals uniformly require transit Schengen visas across all Schengen Member States, each country maintains its distinct list. Spain’s list, beyond Senegal, includes 22 other countries.

Spain’s Extensive List of Transit Visa Requirements

Spain boasts one of the most extensive lists, with a total of 23 countries whose citizens need transit visas to pass through Spanish airports en route to non-EU destinations.


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