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Benalmadena Marina €4.5m Transformation


Benalmadena Marina’s ambitious project boasts a two-storey shopping centre with 7,000 square metres of commercial space

Benalmádena sets sail on an ambitious Dynamization Plan, coupled with a substantial 4.5 million euros investment package, aiming to position itself as a beacon in Andalucía and one of Europe’s premier marinas.

Mayor Juan Antonio Lara emphasizes the need for a vibrant Marina image, complemented by an ambitious plan to maximize facility usage during key periods with lower public attendance.

The City Council, in collaboration with Tourism and the Marina, strives to boost public footfall, rejuvenate commercial spaces, and introduce a distinctive gastronomic and cultural program. The goal is to redefine Puerto Marina as a family leisure hub, supported by historic investments like concession renewal.

Investments include connecting with Paseo Marítimo Virgen del Carmen, establishing the Professional Training Institute of the Sea, Nautical Centre reform, expanding municipal school spaces, renovating the nautical sports dock, and creating a dedicated children’s sports area with a new dam.

The Dynamization Plan, kicked off with the ‘Puerto Terror’ Halloween event, promises a diverse range of activities such as circus acts, music performances, parades, theater shows, video games, and sea-themed environmental initiatives. Mayor Juan Antonio Lara envisions a significant transformation for the Marina. The project includes 5,500 square metres of roof-top terraces with panoramic views out to sea

He underscores the Port’s role in tourist fairs, prioritizing innovation and creating a year-round calendar of activities to combat seasonality and restore its status as a premier destination for leisure and family tourism.

The head of the Junta’s Public Ports Agency (APPA), Sergio Moreno, said the marina will become “the finest facility of its kind in the region of Andalucía.”

Benalmádena gears up to shine at the World Travel Market in London, aiming to showcase its cultural heritage, leisure offerings, gastronomy, and deep-sea marina. The goal is to be a reference destination in southern Europe and seize unique business opportunities on the global stage. The project includes 5,500 square metres of roof-top terraces with panoramic views out to sea.


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