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Prince Harry Wins Phone Hacking Case


Price Harry has won his high court phone hacking lawsuit against the Mirror Group Newspapers

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has achieved a substantial legal triumph in his lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) for phone hacking. This victory stands as a crucial development in his persistent struggle against British tabloids. Justice Timothy Fancourt of the High Court delivered a ruling that underscored the “widespread and habitual” nature of phone hacking at MGN, revealing a systemic problem in the unauthorized acquisition of private information.

In response to the ruling, Prince Harry was granted over £140,000, a sum reflecting both the distress inflicted and the aggravated damages resulting from the awareness and concealment of these practices by senior executives. The court’s decision addressed 15 of the 33 scrutinized newspaper articles cited by Harry, illustrating instances from a pool of nearly 150 alleged illegal information gathering incidents by tabloids.

Expressing his thoughts through his lawyer, Prince Harry described the ruling as both “vindicating and affirming,” hailing it as a “momentous day for truth and accountability.” He emphasized the significance of a free and honest press, sentiments consistently echoed in his memoir “Spare” and public statements. The Duke emphasized the ruling as a cautionary message to other media outlets employing similar tactics, alluding to impending trials against two additional tabloid publishers.

This lawsuit, a part of Prince Harry’s wider campaign against unethical media practices, accused MGN of utilizing unlawful methods to construct stories about his life from 1996 to 2010. These stories, covering aspects such as his relationships and alleged substance use, caused considerable emotional distress. Harry’s pursuit of justice and media reform has been fueled by his own encounters with press intrusion, notably holding paparazzi accountable for Princess Diana’s death and citing media harassment as a reason for his and Meghan’s relocation to the U.S.

However, the court’s decision did not attribute all alleged unlawful activities to MGN. Following the ruling, Mirror Group issued a statement acknowledging historical wrongdoing, offering an unreserved apology, and reiterating the company’s commitment to responsible journalism.

This case, the initial of three lawsuits initiated by Prince Harry against tabloids, underscores the Duke’s dedication to challenging media misconduct. His testimony, a rare instance of a senior royal taking the witness stand in over a century, shed light on the distressing impact of press intrusion on his life.

The ruling also reflects broader concerns about media ethics, particularly the use of phone hacking and other intrusive methods by British newspapers. The scandal, initially brought to public attention in the News of the World case in 2011, has since exposed deeper issues within the industry.

As Prince Harry continues his legal endeavour’s, his unwavering commitment to reforming media practices and safeguarding personal privacy persists. This triumph not only signifies a personal victory for the Duke but also stands as a pivotal moment in the ongoing discussion surrounding the boundaries of press freedom and individual rights.


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