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Abandoned Baby Found In Rubbish Bin

Image of the newborn found in Los Palacios
Image of the newborn found in Los Palacios. Pic by Jorge- Twitter

Guardia Civil Launches Intensive Search for Family of Abandoned Newborn in Sevilla

Local Sevilla resident Belén Cerezuela recounts the shocking discovery of a newborn abandoned in a dumpster on Benlliure Street, a quiet thoroughfare in the outskirts of Villafranca y Los Palacios, Seville. The infant, still covered in placenta with the umbilical cord hanging, was found by a neighbour who heard faint cries resembling those of a kitten. Cerezuela describes the baby as bloody, with remnants of the mother’s amniotic fluid. The baby, seemingly recently delivered, was nestled as if still in the womb.

Residents React to the Abandoned Newborn

Residents, shocked by the sight, immediately summoned help. The baby, discovered naked within two plastic bags – one traced back to a Los Palacios clothing store, had to be carefully retrieved from the dumpster. With the Guardia Civil and the ambulance delayed, residents provided immediate assistance, covering the infant with a blanket before transporting her to the Virgen de las Nieves health center, approximately 500 meters from the abandonment site.

Medical Attention and Guardia Civil Intervention

The baby received initial medical attention at the health center and was later taken into custody by the Guardia Civil, who promptly transferred her to the Valme Hospital due to signs of hypothermia. According to Andalusian Minister of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families, and Equality, Loles López, the newborn’s life is not in danger. The baby, besides suffering from hypothermia, presented additional undisclosed health issues.

Investigation and Potential Criminal Elements

In cases where prenatal medical history is unknown, authorities conduct thorough examinations on the newborn. Preliminary tests indicate the presence of toxic substances in the baby’s blood, narrowing the search to individuals with a history of substance abuse or homelessness. Investigators refrain from speculating on whether the choice of a secluded area suggests an attempted homicide.

Future Plans for the Abandoned Newborn

López outlines plans for the scenario where the biological family cannot be located or is unable to care for the infant. In such cases, the regional government, La Junta, will assume guardianship, activating protocols for finding an adoptive family. Belén Cerezuela expresses disbelief at the act of abandoning a newborn, echoing the sentiment shared by other residents who have provided statements to the Guardia Civil.

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