Home News Drug gang deforested two hectares of pine and shrubland

Drug gang deforested two hectares of pine and shrubland


Nine people have been arrested for deforesting two hectares of a natural area in Malaga to plant marijuana

The Guardia Civil has arrested nine individuals engaged in the intensive cultivation of marijuana in the Axarquía region of Malaga. The detainees had cleared two hectares of pine and shrubland for the cultivation of plants in the natural setting of Sierra Almijara de Nerja (Malaga). In the protected area, they had also built a water reservoir for irrigation and a camp where they processed and dried the cultivated plants.

This criminal group maintained a significant movement of large black bags in one of the houses containing the drug. There, they carried out drug processing in a laboratory to extract resin from the plant using the technique known as “BHO,” an acronym for Butane Hash Oil.

This technique is extremely dangerous due to the use of large amounts of gas, with the consequent risk of deflagration and the house catching fire.

In the two searches conducted in the houses in Nerja and Frigiliana (Malaga), the officers found 1,700 kilograms of dried marijuana buds packaged in plastic bags and 20 kilograms of hashish resin. Additionally, over €12,000 in cash, numerous tools for weighing and vacuum packaging, and various documents were seized.

Likewise, at the camp set up next to the plantation, 497 kilograms of dried marijuana buds and other tools for the cultivation and drying of the drug were confiscated.

Four other members of this criminal group who have fled the country have also been identified, and international arrest orders have been requested for them.

This operation was carried out by members of various units of the Guardia Civil Company of Vélez Málaga. 🚔🌿 #DrugBust #GuardiaCivil #MarijuanaCultivation #CrimePrevention


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