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Search Continues For Missing Fisherman in Marbella


A massive search is underway for two individuals, aged 27 and 31, who went fishing in Marbella, and their boat’s engine broke down. Since then, their whereabouts remain unknown. Maritime Rescue and the Guardia Civil are searching for them by sea and air, although there is currently no information about their location.

They ventured into the open sea on Tuesday, January 16, aboard a 6.5-meter fiberglass boat for fishing. However, around 20:23, they alerted a friend on land that the engine had failed. It was this friend who immediately notified Maritime Rescue, as their phones stopped signaling shortly after.

He provided the location where the individuals had told them they were: about 20 miles from the shore, between Marbella and Cabopino. A search operation was immediately coordinated. Although the rescuers also tried to locate them through their electronic devices, they found that they were no longer functioning.

The Salvamar Gadir, the helicopter Helimer 223, and the Guardia Civil were mobilized, in addition to alerting the boats in the area where the individuals are believed to be. Maritime Rescue also inquired with the sports ports of Malaga and Marbella in case they had returned to one of these two points, but without success.

The search operation remained active until late at night, and it resumed this morning with the departure of the Salvamar Alnitak and the Helimer 223. This afternoon, the helicopter and another boat went out again to try to locate the individuals. However, the weather conditions today are adverse, with wind gusts exceeding 37 knots, making the work of the rescuers challenging.


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