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There’s A CHILL In The Air!


The weather is set to change dramatically in Andalucía as temperatures are forecast to drop dramatically

Even though the weekend thermometers registered between 5 and 10C above normal for the time of the year in large parts of the country a chill is expected to reduce temperatures to fall on large parts of Andalucía from Monday, November 20.

According to the state metalogical agency, Aemet, the weather may become “colder than normal” but there will still not be much rain, except in the far north of the country.

Rubén del Campo, an Aemet spokesperson, said that from tomorrow, he expects a change in the atmospheric situation between the Atlantic high pressure and low pressure centred in the Mediterranean, which will lead to the arrival of cold air. Specifically, the state weather agency predicts there will be a corridor of northerly winds that will cause a “notable” drop in temperatures on Monday and Tuesday until normal temperatures for the season recover.

This is a far call from the recent record-breaking summer temperatures. Spain needs the rain, lets hope it comes quickly and in the amounts required to fill up the ’empty’ reservoirs!

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