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‘Unlucky Cyclist’ Hit By Falling Chimney!


A cyclist was struck by a falling aluminium chimney that had broken away from the roof a restaurant in Malaga

A 60-year-old woman sustained injuries on Friday when an aluminum chimney detached from a restaurant in Malaga capital, as reported by the 112 Andalucía Emergency Service. The incident occurred as the woman was riding her motorcycle, and the chimney fell, causing her harm.

Witnesses promptly contacted 112 around 2:35 p.m. to report the incident, specifying that an aluminium chimney from Pasaje Campos had fallen, striking a woman on a motorcycle. Witnesses also expressed concern about potential additional debris falling from the chimney and tiles from neighbouring buildings.

Responding swiftly, the Health Emergency Centre 061, Malaga Local Police, and the Firefighters were activated from the coordinating room. Emergency services evacuated the injured woman to the Regional Hospital of Malaga by ambulance, with no further details on her condition provided.

In other news, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) disclosed that five fatal accidents occurred on Andalucían roads leading up to Friday during the extended weekend of the national festivities of the Constitution on December 6 and The Immaculate Conception on December 8, along with the subsequent weekend.

According to DGT data, all the accidents, which resulted in one serious injury, took place on December 6 in the provinces of Málaga, Almería, Huelva, and Granada. The DGT had projected over 1.6 million long-distance trips on Andalucían roads during this extended weekend, concluding on Sunday, December 10.


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