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Nightclub Bouncer Shot in Alicante


A bouncer was shot after denying entry to a trio of men in an Orihuela nightclub

The National Police arrested three men early this morning in Orihuela (Alicante) as alleged perpetrators of an attempted homicide, after shooting a nightclub bouncer in the legs with a rubber bullet shotgun for denying them entry.

The bouncer was injured in the foot and remains out of danger, and his colleague, who has suffered an anxiety crisis, have been transferred to the Hospital de la Vega Baja, according to sources from the Emergency Information and Coordination Centre (CICU) and the National Police.

According to police sources, the incident occurred around 6 a.m. at an entertainment venue on Avenida Teodomiro in Orihuela when officers were alerted to an incident between three Spanish men, aged between 41 and 45, and the bouncer of a local venue in the municipality of Orihuela.

Apparently, the three men disagreed with the bouncer’s decision not to let them into the venue, as they showed obvious signs of intoxication, leading to a heated argument between them.

At a certain point, the three disgruntled customers left the premises and returned minutes later in a vehicle, one of them armed with a rubber bullet shotgun, with which he fired three shots at the venue worker, who was injured in the legs by the impact of the rubber bullets.

The three attackers left the scene, but thanks to the simultaneous action of agents assigned to the Citizen Assistance Group of the Citizen Security Brigade of the National Police Station in Orihuela, they were located minutes later while providing the characteristics of the attackers that witnesses at the scene had provided them, and they were arrested for attempted homicide.

Additionally, the alleged perpetrator of the shots is subject to a precautionary measure prohibiting him from carrying weapons, so he is also charged with a violation of the precautionary measure.

After cordoning off the scene, the Scientific Police Brigade carried out the necessary Technical Police Inspection to gather all possible evidence for the clarification of the facts.

The National Police is still working to locate and seize the rubber bullet shotgun used in the shots, in addition to collecting all statements from witnesses, the victim, and alleged perpetrators to report everything to the Duty Instruction Court in Orihuela.


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