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Estepona Marina’s Ambitious Renovation Project


Estepona Marina is gearing up for a new chapter in its rich history! Marinas del Mediterráneo D-Marin is set to revitalize this iconic city infrastructure with an ambitious renovation project. The project aims to elevate the marina to a benchmark status along the Spanish coast.

For years, Estepona Marina has been a hub of maritime activity and a meeting point for locals and tourists alike. The renovation proposal goes beyond modernizing facilities; it aims to seamlessly integrate the marina with Estepona’s urban fabric.

Awaiting Approval for a Modern Makeover

The comprehensive renovation project presented by Marinas del Mediterráneo D-Marin is currently pending approval from the Andalusian Public Ports Agency (APPA). Encompassing both land and water areas, the project spans over 57,000m2. It will unfold strategically, allowing the marina to continue its operations with minimal disruptions for users and visitors.

Green and Sustainable: A Marina for the Future

An outstanding aspect of the project is its commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability. Innovative measures such as solar energy utilization, smart resource management systems, and digitization of services for sailors reflect a growing awareness of sustainability and the evolving needs of an environmentally conscious society.

Modern Amenities and Eco-friendly Initiatives

The plan includes photovoltaic systems for solar energy, smart resource management, and a mobile app for sailors to conduct transactions seamlessly. Additionally, initiatives like greywater and blackwater collection systems for boats, water basin cleaning robots, and electric vehicle charging points are in the works.

Infrastructure Upgrades for Efficiency and Environmental Respect

Key infrastructure, including water supply systems and the addition of a desalination plant, will undergo renewal. This ensures a more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly marina.

Enhanced Public Spaces and Accessibility

The remodeling will extend to improved pedestrian areas, new green spaces, and reorganized parking zones for smoother access. These changes aim to enhance the quality of life in the marina, making it more accessible, pleasant, and secure for everyone.

Navigating a Future-Focused Marina Experience

Anticipate a restructuring of nautical facilities, with modernized docks and moorings, along with added services for boat owners and visitors. This transformation not only promises a world-class marina experience but also serves as a catalyst for local economic revitalization.

Boosting Local Economy and Quality of Life

The renovation is expected to attract more tourism, create job opportunities, and stimulate regional economic development. By positioning the marina as a high-quality leisure and tourism destination, it will have a positive impact on the local real estate market and businesses.

Leadership and Expertise

Marinas del Mediterráneo Estepona, as the current concessionaire, plays a pivotal role in this transformation. Their vision, coupled with D-Marin’s global expertise in managing top-tier marinas, ensures that Estepona Marina will meet international standards in customer service, technology, and sustainability.

A Beacon of Tradition and Modernity

Estepona is set to emerge as a key destination on the Costa del Sol, blending tradition and modernity. This renovation project promises not only new leisure and tourism opportunities but also a significant positive impact on the local economy and citizens’ quality of life. 🌟 #EsteponaMarina #SustainableRenewal #MaritimeTransformation #CostaDelSolLiving


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