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Andalucía Weather Forecast


Temperatures across Spain’s Andalucía are forecast to drop over the next week but there is still no sign of rain

For this weekend, expect mostly clear skies, except for some morning low clouds in the mountainous areas. Minimum temperatures will decrease, with weak frost in the eastern inland areas; maximum temperatures will remain unchanged, except in the eastern third, where they will decrease. Light variable winds on the eastern Mediterranean coast; northerly winds elsewhere, becoming moderate on the Atlantic coast and shifting to the northeast in the afternoon.

The coastal area of Cadiz, especially the Strait of Gibraltar, will remain under an orange alert for rough seas and strong winds both on Saturday and Sunday.

Extended Weather Outlook

Throughout the weekend and at least until next Wednesday, sunny weather will continue to dominate Andalusia. The only changes will be in the temperatures, which, after reaching high values earlier in the week, will experience a sharp decline to relatively normal values for this time of year.

The drop in temperatures is attributed to a cold air mass that arrived in the Iberian Peninsula after light rains early last Wednesday.

Temperature Variations

The lowest temperatures will once again be recorded in the Sierra Morena areas and in the middle regions of the eastern inland areas. Here, daytime highs will range from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius from the beginning of the weekend. Meanwhile, minimum temperatures may drop to -1 or -2 °C in the Guadix and Baza region (Granada).

In the rest of the territory, daytime highs will fluctuate between 15 to 17 degrees, typical for most of the Guadalquivir depression, and 18 to 19 degrees along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Minimum temperatures will be around 2 to 4 degrees in the Guadalquivir Valley.


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