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Daylight Robbery at Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre


In broad daylight, and concealing his face with a Darth Vader mask, an unknown assailant stabbed a rent collector who was carrying the proceeds from several commercial establishments in Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre. The robber managed to escape with 80,000 euros, as reported by sources close to the investigation.

The incident occurred on Thursday, December 21, around 11:30 AM. The victim, after collecting the cash from some of the stores located in Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre, went to retrieve his motorcycle when he noticed that one of the tires had been punctured.

Attack wore Darth Vader mask

At that moment, a man appeared wearing what seemed to be a Darth Vader mask – the famous villain from the Star Wars trilogy – according to security members from a nearby store who alerted the Local Police; although it appears to be a motorcycle helmet. Allegedly, he unexpectedly stabbed the victim in the back to snatch the money he was carrying—approximately 80,000 euros. Meanwhile, a second person would be waiting on a motorcycle. Both fled the scene after the incident.

Injuries and Police Response

The victim suffered a cut of about five centimetres in the lumbar area, requiring transfer to a hospital in the capital of Malaga after being attended to by Local Police officers who arrived at the scene. The investigation, now under the jurisdiction of the National Police, remains open for the complete clarification of the incident and the identification of the alleged perpetrators, as the Provincial Police Station in Malaga reports that no arrests have been made at the moment.

Statements from Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor asserts that they have followed “security protocols once the incident was reported” and “prioritized the well-being and safety of their customers.” In this regard, they emphasize the collaboration of the shopping center with the authorities in whatever has been requested. They also report that the victim was attended to just minutes after the altercation within the premises and is currently stable, “out of danger.”


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