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Notorious Drug Trafficker Arrested in Marbella

A notorious drug trafficker arrested in Marbella has been linked to the Netherlands ‘Mocro Maffia’

The National Police have arrested a historic drug trafficker in Marbella who they say is associated with the infamous Mocro Maffia, one of the Netherlands’ major criminal organisations. The suspect is alleged to have laundered six million euros from international drug trafficking. Five other individuals in the province of Málaga and the autonomous city of Melilla have also been arrested for their suspected involvement in money laundering and affiliation with the organization, as reported by the Directorate General of Police on Thursday.

The ringleader was the most wanted criminal by Dutch authorities and a historic drug trafficker on the Costa del Sol, involved in numerous police investigations over the past years, serving as a connection point between European and Latin American international organizations.

In the operation, €75,000 in cash, jewelry valued at €10,000, and two firearms were seized. Additionally, 173 real estate properties and three million euros in 148 bank accounts have been frozen.

Crackdown on Armed Ex-Military Criminal Network in Málaga

In recent days, the National Police have dismantled a criminal organization in the province of Málaga led by ex-military from former Eastern European countries. Armed and with extensive knowledge of assault maneuvers, they are responsible for 71 burglaries in homes and establishments on the Costa del Sol since 2021, primarily in luxury areas of Marbella. The operation resulted in the arrest of six individuals, including the Albanian leader, with four in prison. The investigation, initiated in March of last year, uncovered a hidden stash with burglary tools in Artola (Marbella) on December 18.

The criminal network, using military-style tactics, targeted meticulously chosen high-affluence areas, including tourist-type residences near golf courses, operating between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM when families were away for dinner.


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