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Man Robs Petrol Station Wearing Cardboard Box!


A thief used a cardboard box placed on his head to hide his identity during a petrol station robbery in Burgos Spain

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man accused of a crime of robbery with intimidation which he allegedly committed at a service station located on the outskirts of Burgos in the North of Spain.

The thief, who threatened the employees with a gun, hid his face with a cardboard box.

The thief got away with 500 euros in cash, after threatening the employees of the petrol station, located in the outskirts of Burgos on the N-120 highway, with a gun that he was carrying in a back pack on the night of November 23.

The employees of the gas station told the Guardia Civil that a man entered the premises and demanded all the money from the cash register while threatening them with a gun.

The 37-year-old man, initials JMR, hid his face with a cardboard box. The investigators corroborated his testimonies through the images obtained by the security cameras, as well as the unusual sequence in which he appeared with a cumbersome cardboard box on his head.

Further inquiries uncovered the suspect’s involvement in two pharmacy robberies earlier that afternoon in Burgos. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies quickly linked the suspect to both sets of crimes, confirming his identification and subsequent presentation to Investigative Court No. 2 of Burgos.

The exchange of information among State Security Forces played a crucial role in preventing further incidents and undoubtedly facilitated the suspect’s incarceration, underscoring the importance of coordinated efforts for citizen security.


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