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Spain’s Minimum Wage Expected To Be Increased


The Government is expected to approve this Tuesday, February 6, in the Council of Ministers, the increase of the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) by 5% to 1,134 gross euros per month in 14 payments, which will have retroactive effects from January 1st.

The increase in the minimum wage, agreed in mid-January with CCOO and UGT without the agreement of CEOE-Cepyme, will directly affect around 2.5 million workers, mostly young people and women.

The employers had proposed an increase of between 3% and 4% that should be accompanied by measures in the field of contracting with public administrations and the agricultural sector.

From 2018 to 2023, the SMI has increased by 344.1 euros per month, that is, a rise of 46.8%.

The approval of the increase for 2024 was announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, last Saturday at an electoral event in Galicia, where he defended that the measure expands the “social shield” implemented by a Government that “transforms the reality of citizens” and governs for the social majority.

The second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, highlighted in the signing of the agreement with the unions that the increases in the SMI make “a better country”.

“It is the most powerful feminist policy deployed,” she emphasized.

Transposition of the directive on working conditions

Likewise, the Council of Ministers addresses in this session the draft law to transpose the European directive on predictable and transparent working conditions, a regulation that incorporates improvements in the rights to information about the conditions under which work must be carried out.

The transposition of this directive also entails rights over trial periods or more guarantees on part-time work, an issue on which disagreements have arisen between the government partners, PSOE and Sumar.

The Council approves the 0.5% increase for civil servants

The Council of Ministers also approves the additional salary increase of 0.5% for civil servants corresponding to 2023, which will be paid as the economic growth of the past year has exceeded the forecast included in the Budgets.

According to government sources, this salary increase will be approved tomorrow and will have retroactive effects from January 2023, raising to the maximum of 3.5% the increase in public salaries in the year.

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