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Residents Shocked over Shooting in Fuengirola

One person was injured after receiving a gunshot wound in the leg at the entrance of a nightclub in Fuengirola The shooting occurred in the...

Valencia firefighters rescue cat eight days after blaze

Valencia firefighters cat rescue: Firefighters discovered the cat in one of the buildings that burned eight days ago in Valencia Spain Firefighters found the animal...

Spain Hosts Almost 200,000 Ukrainian Refugees

Spain has emerged as a beacon of hope for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the devastation of Russia's aggression, with nearly 200,000 finding refuge within its...

Spain’s Dairy Cartel ‘Milking It In’

The National Court Of Spain Upholds The National Competition Market's Commission Findings Spain's Dairy Cartel Uncovered The National Court has upheld the Resolution issued by the...

Iberdrola Announces Record Profits

Energy provider Iberdrola, the multinational utility company headquartered in Spain, exceeds expectations again amidst rising electricity prices Iberdrola has once again surpassed its own goals,...

Spain On Alert For Extreme Weather Conditions

Civil Protection agencies issue warnings for maritime storms, strong winds, and heavy rain and snow across Spain Spain is on alert for extreme weather, a...

The Society of the Snow Clinches Goya Award

The Society of the Snow became the third-most prized film in Goya history after winning 12 awards on Saturday Survival thriller 'Society of the Snow'...

Storm Karlotta hits Spain and Portugal

The arrival of Storm Karlotta has put an end to the fairly stable weather in Spain and Portugal in recent weeks The arrival of Storm...

Farmers Flush Away Over 25,000 Litres Of French Wine

The transport sector estimates daily losses of 35 million euros due to the country-wide Spanish farmers' protests over French Wine Farmers continued their protests today,...

HEALTH ALERT: Moisturising Cream Removed From Shelves

A Moisturising Cream Has Been Recalled Over Fears It Contains A Prohibited Substance The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS), under the...
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