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Gary Glitter “Gutted” Over Parole Decision


A parole board has decided that convicted paedophile Gary Glitter ‘must stay in prison’

Former pop star Gary Glitter, who’s real name is Paul Francis Gadd, has had his parole application denied.

The Glitter Band frontman faced disappointment in his bid for freedom from prison, where he is serving time for heinous crimes against young girls.

Now 79, Gadd was granted automatic release in February 2023, halfway through a 16-year sentence. However, his freedom was short-lived as he was swiftly returned to prison just six weeks later, following allegations of accessing illicit images of children online.

In a recent session, the Parole Board, responsible for evaluating the risks associated with releasing prisoners, determined that Gadd should remain behind bars for the time being. His sentence is set to conclude in February 2031.

Following a closed-door hearing, the board’s decision was made public, stating: “Considering the gravity of his crimes, lack of rehabilitation progress during his incarceration and supervised release, alongside other pertinent evidence, the panel deemed it unsafe to release Mr. Gadd at this juncture. Thus, it was concluded that his continued custody is necessary to address significant remaining risks to public safety.”


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