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Weekend Weather Forecast For Malaga


Malaga had regained the typical winter cold in January after a rather warm autumn, but everything comes to an end. This weekend, temperatures of over 20 degrees are set to return to the province, reaching up to 23 degrees both on the coast and inland.

The cause of this return to spring is a warm air mass that, according to the director of the Malaga Meteorological Centre (AEMET), Jesús Riesco, “will be heating up over the Peninsula.” The rise in mercury will impact all of Spain, and in the case of Malaga, it will be felt in the capital and other municipalities.

For this Friday, there will still be mild temperatures, ranging from 12 to 16 degrees in Malaga city. This will be the highest temperature recorded in coastal areas during the day, while inland, Ronda and Antequera will see a maximum of 13°C and a minimum of 6°C.

Cloudy skies are expected, with the possibility of light and occasional precipitation, more likely in the western half and during the first half of the day, with clearings in the afternoon. The wind will blow from the east, occasionally strong on the coast and in the Antequera region.

Temperatures will start to rise on Saturday, but it will be from Sunday onwards when this heat will be more noticeable, lasting until Tuesday, January 16. “There will be temperatures above normal throughout Spain,” emphasized Riesco, adding that even temperatures above 20 degrees are expected in Antequera, something unusual for this Malaga region in January.

According to the data from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), on Sunday, there will be maximum temperatures of 21 degrees in the capital, 22°C in Ronda and Vélez-Málaga, and 23°C in Antequera. Looking ahead to Monday, the values will rise to 23°C in the capital, 22°C in Marbella, and 24°C in Vélez. Similar temperatures are expected for Tuesday. The temperature rise will be accompanied by west or southwest winds, although Riesco clarifies that “it is not terral.”
Possible rains on Wednesday 17

Regarding the rain forecast, some precipitation could occur in the second half of next week. According to the director of Aemet in Malaga, a new Atlantic storm is approaching, which could bring rains from Wednesday, January 17. However, Riesco insists that “it does not seem to be intense precipitation.”

To date, there have been two days of rain, on January 5 and 9. On January 5, only 17 litres per square meter fell, although they were received as the best gift of the Kings. On Tuesday 9, the highest amount was collected in Alfarnate (23.7 litres), translating to about 40 litres over the two days.

Meanwhile, the level of Malaga’s reservoirs continues to decline. Among the seven reservoirs in the province, they no longer accumulate 100 cubic hectometres, according to the latest data collected by the Hidrosur network. It’s true that 2024 started with some rains, but so far, they have been scarce, and according to the forecast from the Malaga Meteorological Centre, there doesn’t seem to be intense precipitation coming in the short term to save the province from the


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