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Three Flights Diverted From Seville

An airplane sits on the tarmac in thick fog

Three Flights Were Diverted to Malaga Due to Fog in Seville Causing Delays and Cancellations

Friday, March 15th: Three flights destined for Seville were diverted to Malaga Airport due to the thick fog enveloping the capital of Seville. According to sources from Aena, the fog persists at this hour of the morning and remains “very abundant,” raising the possibility of further diversions throughout the day.

In total, three flights originating from Paris, Palma de Mallorca, and Valencia have been redirected to Malaga. Real-time information on flight cancellations and delays is available on the official Aena website for Seville Airport. As of 10:30 in the morning, these diversions include delays for flights to Seville from Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Brussels, and Cork, with delays extending until nearly 11:30 in the morning. Information on flights arriving at Malaga Airport can also be found on the official Aena website.

Best Start of the Year in History for Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport has recorded its two best first months in history and has solidified its position as the third busiest in Spain. In February, the Malaga infrastructure welcomed 1.4 million passengers, marking a 26.7% increase compared to the same period last year, which was the previous record. Additionally, there was an 18% increase in flights, totaling 10,122 operations.

These figures indicate that Malaga Airport experienced the highest growth among Spanish airports, surpassing those of Madrid (+12.9%) and Barcelona (+16.6%), as reported by Aena on Tuesday.

The majority of passengers traveled on commercial flights, totaling 1,416,974. Among them, 276,996 flew on domestic routes (a 10.4% increase from February 2023), while 1,139,978 opted for international connections (a 31% increase), representing 80% of all connections that month.

In terms of international traffic, the British market led in absolute demand with 293,867 passengers, followed by the Dutch (97,875), Germans (94,116), Italians (70,975), and French (64,644).

Regarding the increase in operations, out of the total 10,122 aircraft movements last month, 9,902 were commercial connections: 2,494 domestic (+9%) and 7,408 international (+25.1%).

The positive performance of traffic last month contributes to the overall balance in 2024. Between January and February, 2,767,772 passengers traveled on 20,452 flights through Malaga Airport, reflecting increases of 23.4% in passengers and 16.3% in movements compared to the same period in 2023.


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