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Mijas’ Budget Bonanza: What’s in Store?


The Mijas City Council’s government team is set to propose a significant increase in its annual budget during the upcoming ordinary plenary session on April 3, following the release of the remaining funds from the 2023 financial year.

This proposed boost amounts to a staggering €53,476,158.95!

The council initially approved the 2024 budget last December, allocating over €130 million, marking a 16% increase. Ensuring timely budget approvals has been a priority for Mayor Ana Mata’s administration, aiming to address the municipality’s real needs effectively.

With the surplus now available, the council plans to channel investments into crucial infrastructure and projects. The Infrastructure and Works sector will see the most substantial increase, with €44,693,798.60 earmarked for various projects. Notable initiatives include the remodeling of Islas Marianas roundabout, La Alquería road improvement, and widening the A-387.

Parking space provision remains a focus, with allocations for parking lots at Parque Andalucía, Doña Ermita, and Barrio Santana. Additionally, funds will enhance access to the Ermita neighborhood.

The administration also prioritizes sports facilities, allocating funds for remodeling Las Lagunas sports city, La Cala soccer field expansion, and roof projects in educational sports areas.

Other planned improvements include enhancements to the cemetery mortuary, Manuel España Theater façade, and Mijas Pueblo auditorium.

Pending works from the previous administration, such as Los Santos parking lot and Ahogadero Park, also receive attention in this budget revision.

Furthermore, the Festivals and Traditions department will see an increase in its budget to cover artist hiring for fairs and settle pending payments to organizations.

In essence, this budget expansion reflects Mayor Ana Mata’s commitment to citizen welfare and the orderly development of Mijas, ensuring transparency and continuous improvement for all residents.

Mijas, nestled in the heart of the Costa del Sol region in Andalusia, Spain, is indeed a captivating place. Let’s explore why it’s considered rich in various aspects:

  1. Awe-Inspiring Scenery:
    • Mijas Village and Mijas Pueblo adorn the Sierra de Mijas hillside with their iconic white houses and terracotta-colored roofs—a quintessential image of traditional Spanish towns.
    • Along the coast lies La Cala, a more modern area with over 12 kilometers of coastal beauty and numerous beaches to suit every preference.
  2. Incredible Activities:
    • Residents and visitors alike revel in the stunning countryside and coastal areas, perfect for hiking and exploration.
    • Mijas Golf Club attracts golf enthusiasts, while diving spots and beach activities can be enjoyed almost year-round.
  3. Rich History:
    • Mijas has a fascinating past. During the Roman Empire, it was a bustling trading hub, resulting in cross-cultural influences.
    • The town’s watchtowers, remnants of its history, were erected to fend off pirates who once plagued the area.
    • Today, you can explore a miniature museum, a contemporary art center, and beautiful castles and churches from centuries gone by.
  4. Beautiful Culture:
    • The relaxed and easy-going lifestyle of Mijas residents reflects its location. Long, leisurely meals, the cherished siesta, and a strong sense of community create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
    • Despite growth, respect and kindness prevail, making living here a delightful experience.
  5. Booming Housing Market:

In summary, Mijas combines natural beauty, historical charm, and a thriving real estate market, making it a truly rich destination in every sense! 🌴🏡🌞


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