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Clearing the Air: Spain’s New Plan to Reduce Smoking


On Friday, April 5, 2024, a group called the Interterritorial Council talked about a plan to reduce smoking in Spain

The Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) want to make laws to stop people from smoking in more places and to make tobacco products less appealing. The Minister of Health said this plan is important for making Spain healthier and happier.

The Minister of Health, Mónica García, stated that the plan “is already a reality” and explained at the end of the meeting that this document “is a source of national pride” and has the firm purpose of once again putting Spain at the forefront of the fight against tobacco.

“This plan would not have been possible without dialogue and the willingness to agree on tackling the tobacco epidemic,” she emphasized. To achieve this, she highlighted the work, commitment, and drive that autonomous communities, scientific societies, patient societies, youth groups, public health entities, and healthcare professionals have been doing for years.

“It is a pioneering, ambitious, and committed plan,” she said.

Once the plan is approved, the development of various laws will be addressed to make the “intentions” contained within it a reality, to regulate aspects such as equalizing regulations on advertising, sponsorship, and promotion, new tobacco products and equating them with traditional tobacco, smoke-free spaces, packaging, transposition of European regulations, or fiscal policy. This plan “lays the groundwork and the roadmap for the next legislative advances that need to be made.”

The Council is going to make new rules to control where tobacco can be advertised, how it’s packaged, and how much it costs. This plan is just the beginning, but it sets out a plan for what they want to achieve.

One important part of the plan is making more places smoke-free. The Minister said everyone was very friendly during the meeting, and she wanted to remind everyone that this plan was made with the help of lots of different people and their ideas.

Lastly, they also decided to start a group to talk more about healthcare in the Council.

Spain has made significant strides in tobacco control over the years. Let’s explore the specifics:

  1. Smoke-Free Places:
  2. Outdoor Spaces:
  3. Tax Hike and Deterrent Measures:


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