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Guardia Civil Warn Of ‘Switching’ Scam


The Guardia Civil has urged the general public in Spain to be on the lookout for a 2 euro ‘switching’ scam

Spanish police took to social media to warn about the scam, with the message: “Watch out!!! These are Turkish lira. They pass for 2 euros because of their resemblance. #Quenotelacuelen”.

The resemblance to the Turkish lira coin is quite clear, since they have a similar weight and size , so they can be offered to businesses and clients without them even realizing it. 

For this reason, the authorities have once again warned about this type of fraud based on giving the “change” from one currency to another, or the ‘switching’ scam, as it is known.

When looked at closely the two coins are easy to tell apart. The two-euro coin in Spain has the face of King Felipe VI or of King Juan Carlos I engraved on it.

The Turkish coins however have the phrase ‘Yeni Türk Lirasi’ engraved and also have a Turkish coat of arms and a face.


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