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Mijas Beaches Storm Damage Clean Up Starts

El Bombo and Calahonda Beach
El Bombo and Calahonda Beach clean up starts

Daniel Gómez, the councillor responsible for the beaches in Mijas, has reported that works are being carried out on the Mijas coast after the damage caused by storm Karlotta at the end of last week

The most affected areas have been Playa’s (beaches) El Bombo and Calahonda, where the accesses have been restricted and there have been substantial losses of sand.

Playa El Bombo and Playa Calahonda both suffered a lot of damage from the storm, which left piles of plant debris strewn across the beaches.

“Since Monday, when the storm ended, started a device to prepare the coastline for the next high season. The beaches are a great attraction of Mijas, so it is essential that they are in the best possible condition and we work tirelessly, “explained Gomez.

The mayor explained that now fifteen workers, part of the Basic Income Scheme, are working on El Bombo beach. At the moment they are removing plant debris from the sand.A tractor is helping in these tasks, which will be developed throughout the coast. In addition, the councilman explained that there have been large sand losses which are causing the appearance of “steps” because of the waves.

Along with the staff of Beaches and Basic Income, the total team involved in the work consists of 40 operators, a tractor and several buggies.

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