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Police Radar Patrols Go Stealth


The DGT continues its battle against reckless drivers and speeding by equipping the Guardia Civil with high-tech vehicles

The decline in accident-related fatalities over the past decades has been preceded by various measures, from the points system on driver’s licenses to an increased number of speed controls. Among them are the radar cars, often camouflaged in areas where inappropriate speed can lead to more accidents.

The Guardia Civils’ radar cars

The upcoming DGT reform: 500 euros and 3 license points for using radar detectors Radar margin of error: the speed at which fines are issued is based on the rule of 7 DGT collects over 164 million euros with speed radars in 2016

Undoubtedly, these vehicles are a nightmare for those unwilling to respect speed limits, as they can be positioned anywhere on the road. Until recently, vehicles dedicated to this task had license plates that “betrayed” them, bearing the letters PGC, meaning Guardia Civil Park.

However, the latest models now have standard license plates, making them undetectable, even when parked on a shoulder or at a crossroads with no other vehicles in sight.

Not-so-ordinary cars

While they may look like conventional cars on the outside, inside, agents have an increasing number of technological enhancements. According to DGT information, they have internet connectivity and a satellite communication system, providing GPS location to stay connected with the central command.

In addition to these communications, these vehicles also incorporate a camera that allows them to photograph cars exceeding the speed limit. Moreover, they have the capability to process ‘on-the-spot’ fines.

License plate reader

The camera in a Guardia Civil radar car not only captures images of vehicles exceeding the speed limit but also includes a license plate reader. Within seconds, it determines if the vehicle lacks insurance or has been previously stolen.

Not much of a surprise

While many drivers believe that Guardia Civil radar cars are lurking, waiting for their prey, they actually have luminous panels indicating their presence, along with emergency signals. Of course, if traffic rules are followed, there’s no need to worry about the location of these agents ensuring traffic safety.

Speeding fines

At this point, it’s worth remembering that fines for speeding range from 100 to 600 euros and from no license points deducted to a loss of six points for very serious offenses. Respecting speed limits is a key measure of the DGT, as stated on their website: “Two out of three sanctions on interurban roads are directly related to excessive speed, a risk factor present in almost 20% of accidents with casualties.” #TrafficSafety #SpeedLimits #DGTUpdates 🚗🚦


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