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Fuengirola Covered In Dense Fog


The town of Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol is shrouded by a blanket of dense fog as winter nights see temperatures drop

A dense fog covered Fuengirola this Friday, November 17. The phenomenon started in the afternoon as it entered from the sea and quickly spread through the coastal town, getting thicker as the night drew in.

The ‘elders’ in Malaga call it taró, which is an old sailors term and apparently of Phoenician origin. However, in other places it is called boria – its official name is advection fog.

The white blanket limits visibility at short distances on the border between the sea and the coast. The reason for this natural phenomenon, (common during the summer on the coastal strip) is the warm air that acts as a plug in the Alboran Sea and, as there are no strong winds, causes a dense fog to form over the colder soils.

Ultimately, it is caused by the thermal difference between the surface and the air. The X (formerly Twitter) posted by AEMET in the early hours of the morning displays the weather conditions that caused the ‘fog’ to appear.


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