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Electric Scooters Banned On Trains

Renfe has banned electric scooters from all its trains. Image: Twitter

Spain’s national state-owned railway company Renfe will soon ban all electric scooters on all its trains

The decision to ban electric e-scooters from trains, which is similar to those adopted by transport operators in other cities in Spain and Europe, is based on public health and traveller safety criteria.

Renfe, like other passenger transport companies, will prohibit the access of electric scooters to its trains starting December 12.

After the fire of one of these scooters in the Metro, the Community of Madrid carried out the ban on November 4. It was in October, specifically on the 17th, when the battery of an electric scooter exploded in the heart of Madrid’s suburban area. The explosion stopped traffic on line 2 and affected a total of five stations.

The fire caused a large amount of smoke that forced firefighters to immediately evacuate both the train and the station. Fortunately there were no injuries,  but the carriage was absolutely destroyed .

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