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Mijas Road Improvements


Mijas City Council is carrying out asphalt restoration work on different streets and roads in the municipality.

This plan involves a total area of ​​31,500m 2 and has an investment of more than 300,000 euros, corresponding to the 2023 item, which was pending execution.

These actions include milling, spreading of the asphalt and increasing the manholes of the different services that are on the road. In parallel, painting of the horizontal signage is also being carried out.

The interventions are being carried out, specifically, on Puerto de Los Gatos avenue, Arcaduces street and Mare Nostrum avenue, located in La Cala, as well as in some sections of the Coín highway.

Daniel Gómez, delegate councillor for Operational Services, has pointed out that the actions to improve the municipal road network “also contribute to reinforcing road safety, an aspect that the City Council wants to influence on all the roads that fall under its jurisdiction.”

The work, which began on November 30, is scheduled to be completed before the 22nd of this month.

Below: Mijas activates its shock cleaning plan

🌟 Exciting News from Mijas! 🌟 The City Council is unleashing a 34-day transformative cleaning blitz! 🚀✨ Mayor Ana Mata and Street Cleaning Councillor Eloy Belmonte spill the beans on this epic plan to elevate our beloved municipality. 🌍🌆

👥 13 extra superheroes have joined our cleaning squad to ensure Mijas shines brighter than ever! 💪🌟 This plan, a pledge fulfilled in just one month, encompasses three key areas in our town.

🔧 The plan involves updating and maintaining roads, sidewalks, and public spaces. Seven work lines, from manual cleaning to high-pressure hydrocleaning, will ensure every nook and cranny gets the attention it deserves. 🚧🧹

🚚 Specialized machinery, including open box trucks, dual sweepers, and high-pressure washers, has been enlisted for this grand cleanup mission. 🛠️🚿

👁‍🗨 Beyond the 34 days, rigorous monitoring and maintenance will guarantee lasting results throughout the year. Let’s all play a part in keeping Mijas clean! 🤝🌳

🚰 Respect for the environment is a priority. In line with current drought conditions, non-potable water from authorized filling points will be used. 💧🌿

🗓️ Stay tuned for updates and get ready to witness a cleaner, fresher Mijas! 🌈🚮 #MijasCleanUp #TransformingMijas #CommunityEffort #CleanAndGreen #MijasRevival 🌞🏡


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