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Young Drivers Will Have A New License in 2024

The new DGT card for 2024
The new DGT card for 2024

Drivers up to the age of 18 in Spain will be given the new B1 License in 2024

The Director General of Traffic (DGT) is planning to introduce a new type of driving license in Spain from 2024. This news worried some drivers who thought they would have to take a new driving test, but the DGT assured that this new license will not affect those who already have one.

The DGT announced this project in 2021 and aims to implement it three years later, a project that mainly targets the youngest.

Until now, young people under 18 who wanted to have their own mobility and travel options had to depend on public transport, light quadricycles or VMPs. But from next year, the B1 license is expected to start operating, which will allow young people over 16 to drive vehicles that do not exceed 90 km/h and do not weigh more than 400 kg.

This is the new B1 permit that will arrive in Spain in 2024

This change in the rules is seen as a significant step to encourage safe and responsible driving among young people, as a preparation for those who want to get a full driving license when they turn 18. The measure could also be similar to the US system, where minors can drive with adult supervision, although in this case young people will be able to drive alone, without needing to be accompanied by an adult with a license.

To get the B1 license, three essential requirements must be met. First, be over 16 years old. Second, have previously obtained the AM license, which allows driving mopeds. Third, pass a series of theoretical and practical tests set by the DGT, which are still unknown.

The rules have two main goals.

On one hand, they want to encourage electric mobility (since most of these vehicles that will be available are heavy quadricycles with electric engines (L7e category) and support environmental sustainability by limiting the vehicles that can be driven with the B1 license. On the other hand, the DGT wants to improve the safety of young drivers, with the specific aim of reducing accidents in 2024, since this type of vehicle is much safer than the light quadricycles (L6 category) that are currently sold.


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