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Man Threatened To Shoot Police In Benalmadena


Introduction: In a shocking incident on the night of Monday December 18, local police in Benalmádena, Malaga, successfully apprehended an armed individual who had threatened to attack the police headquarters. The arrest was made possible through the collaboration of citizens and the swift response of the police, preventing a highly dangerous situation.

Armed Threat in a Taxi: The suspect, described as an elderly individual, was found carrying two hunting shotguns and over 50 cartridges. Prior to his arrest, he entered a taxi while verbally assaulting the local police, claiming that he intended to kill innocent people. Witnesses reported that he directed the taxi driver towards the police headquarters with an alarming declaration:

“I am going to kill them, head that way!”

Citizen Collaboration and Rapid Police Response: The local authorities, in a statement, credited the successful detention and neutralization of the armed man to both citizen cooperation and the prompt action of the police. The suspect was apprehended as he attempted to exit a vehicle, with officers having prepared a quick response plan.

Five minutes before his arrest, the individual had boarded a taxi, falsely alleging that his vehicle had been stolen from a supermarket entrance. In reality, the municipal towing service had removed the vehicle for parking in a designated loading zone.

Disturbing Statements During Transit: While in the taxi en route to the police headquarters, the suspect, appearing to be out of control, continued making alarming statements. He asserted his intent to kill innocent people, showing a disregard for consequences by likening the situation to war, stating, “everyone dies as in wars,” with a specific reference to local police officers.

Police Intervention and Neutralization: Following a tip received in the police control room, an operational plan was swiftly organized. The suspect, armed with two shotguns, was intercepted upon arrival at the local police station. The rapid and unprecedented intervention effectively neutralized the threat, ensuring the safety of the taxi driver, police officers, and the public present in the densely populated area.

Commendation for Police Response: The Mayor’s Office, under the leadership of Mayor Juan Antonio Lara, commended the local police for their exemplary response, emphasizing the level of training, expertise, and professionalism displayed during the incident. The quick intervention not only saved lives but also averted a potential risk for residents and visitors, especially during the festive Christmas season.

Legal Proceedings: Following the suspect’s statement and police intervention, the case has been handed over to the National Police, and legal proceedings are now underway. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the critical role played by law enforcement in ensuring public safety.


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