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Málaga’s ‘Miserable’ Festive Restrictions


As Christmas approaches, Mayor Francisco de la Torre of Málaga has issued the customary guidelines for civic behavior during the festive season in the city.

Many people will be shocked and upset by the guidelines, in fact, on the face it, most of the activities normally carried out over the Christmas period are not allowed! Take a look at paragraph 4 and see what you think..

Here’s a rundown of what’s not allowed in public spaces over the next few weeks, especially on specific dates (namely, December 24th and 31st).

  1. No Street Art: Graffiti on streets, urban furniture, walls, or any surface without authorization from both the owner and the City Council is strictly prohibited.
  2. Fireworks Regulations: The sale of fireworks is prohibited without prior authorization from the Government Subdelegation, and it is not permitted to minors. The use of fireworks generating noise or causing disturbances in public areas is also restricted, except for specific areas away from residential zones and at least 300 meters from any buildings, green areas, or vegetation.
  3. Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption in public spaces is only allowed on the terraces of authorized establishments. Bottleneck gatherings are strictly prohibited. Minors are not permitted to consume alcohol.
  4. Noise Restrictions: Singing, shouting, operating radios, TVs, instruments, or sound systems in vehicles are restricted. The Police may intervene and immobilize the vehicle or device causing the noise.
  5. Pet Care: Responsible pet ownership is encouraged, emphasizing the avoidance of abandonment or neglect.
  6. Event Advertising: For parties and events, there is a ban on placing advertisements on lampposts, traffic lights, and other urban furniture. All regulatory requirements must be met, and administrative authorizations obtained in advance.
  7. Responsible Celebrations: Mayor de la Torre urges responsible consumption during the holidays, emphasizing the use of sustainable packaging, local products to minimize plastic waste, and public transportation for city travel.
  8. Combatting Misinformation: Given the rise of misinformation via mobile devices, citizens are urged to share information responsibly, relying on official sources and media outlets for accurate information to avoid causing unnecessary panic and serious security issues.
  9. Medical Support: The City Council’s Civil Protection Service will deploy a security system in the city center from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM during the main festive days, including five Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) at strategic locations. Additionally, two fixed defibrillators will be placed on Calle Larios.
  10. Loading and Unloading Regulations: On December 24th and 31st between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM, there are regulations for loading and unloading in the city centre to harmonize the needs of consumption with the interests of industry, commerce, and hospitality in our city.


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