Home News Over 100 Motorcycles Escort Santa through Marbella

Over 100 Motorcycles Escort Santa through Marbella


‘Biker Claus’ Takes the Lead As Over 100 Motorcycles Escort Santa through Spain’s Marbella

More than 100 motorcycles will accompany Santa Claus on December 23, starting at 6:00 PM, on a route that will take him through the main streets of the urban centre of Marbella in Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The procession, which will include the presence of Local Police, Civil Protection, and Firefighters, will depart from Pablo Ráez Boulevard, adorned with lights and sounds; and will conclude at the entrance arch to Marbella, capturing the arrival of the motorcycles in an iconic image.

The parade will pass through Severo Ochoa Avenue, Nabeul, Doctor Maíz Viñals, or Ricardo Soriano; and central streets such as Arias de Velasco, Serenata, or La Cañeta de Málaga.

“Everyone who wants to join is invited to participate. We expect a large turnout due to its celebration on the weekend,” says Carlos Cecilla, president of the Moto Club ‘Los Mentirosos,’ which organizes the event.

“The route is designed to bring joy to both children and adults as it passes through the main streets and avenues, creating a magical atmosphere at numerous points of interest in the city,” says the councillor for Festivities, Yolanda Marín.


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