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Spain Smashes January Flight Record

Airplanes on the tarmac at Spain's El Prat

Spain has recorded record sales of over 7 million seats for passengers on flights to the country planned for January 2024

Recent data from Turespaña, the Spanish tourism office, reveals ambitious plans for international flights to Spain in January 2024. A staggering 7.4 million seats are anticipated, marking a significant 13% increase from January 2023, when 6.6 million seats were available. This surge underscores Spain’s continued popularity as a travel destination and signals positive momentum in the tourism sector.

According to the tourism office, when comparing the forecasts for January 2024 to January 2023, it is evident that the main issuing markets, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy, continue to perform well. The UK saw a 5.9 per cent increase in seats, Germany a 12.2 per cent increase, and a 20.7 per cent increase from Italy.

Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Jordi Hereu:

This forecast confirms the strength of tourism in Spain, with data that predicts an excellent year 2024, just as 2023 has been, where we have already surpassed pre-pandemic figures

Poland and Czechia noted growth rates that exceeded 50 per cent in accelerated growth. In addition, significant increases of over 15 per cent have been reported in Ireland, the United States, Colombia, Austria, and Türkiye.

British visitors remain key for Spain’s all-important tourism industry, which in 2019 saw over 18 million arrivals from the UK.


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