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Has the rain filled the reservoirs in Malaga?


A grey sky covered Malaga throughout Friday, January 19. Only a few rebellious sunbeams managed to sneak into the predominant cloud landscape in the province. However, the litres of collected rain are more a song of hope than anything else. The highest accumulations have barely reached 30 litres per square meter – accumulated in 12 hours – at some measuring points, quantities that are not particularly significant.

The municipality where it has rained the most once again is Cortes de la Frontera, which has recorded 30 litres per square meter, and Jubrique, with 31 litres, according to the data from the Hidrosur Network, updated at 5:00 p.m. Beyond these two places in the Serranía de Ronda, the 24 litres fallen in the La Concepción reservoir are especially encouraging. This reservoir supplies the Western Costa del Sol, which is going through one of the worst droughts in memory, with the threat of water cuts this summer if the situation does not improve.

Another area with significant precipitation is the Marbella sewage treatment plant area, with 28 liters in twelve hours, and the Guadiaro River (Majaceite), with 24.5 liters in the same time frame. In Los Reales de Estepona, there have been 18.3 liters, in Ojén around 19.7, almost 12 in Casasola, the same as in Ronda, and 18.6 in Coín.


Axarquía seems to have to keep waiting. In this region, on yellow alert for rain from 09:00 to 18:00, precipitation data do not reflect the outcome of this weather warning. Alfarnatejo is the municipality where it has rained the most until 5:00 p.m., with 17.4 litres.

In Torrox, there were 2.6 litres, and in other localities in the area such as Torre del Mar, not even a litre has fallen. As for the La Viñuela reservoir, 11.2 litres per square meter have fallen, of which 8.6 litres have been discharged around four in the afternoon.


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