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Thousands Of Dead Fish Found In Malaga


Police have reported the discovery of thousands of dead fish at the mouth of the Guadalhorce river in Malaga. Agents from the Nature Protection Service, Seprona, opened a ditch to allow for the entry of regenerated water since everything indicates that the cause of the deaths is due to lack of oxygen.

Sources from the 112 Andalucían Emergency Coordination Centre informed the news agency EFE of the discovery of a large number of lifeless fish in the Sacaba beach area. Seprona has since opened the trench and collected samples in the location area, according to sources.

The Guardia Civil has always worked to guarantee compliance with the regulations regarding hunting, fishing and forest conservation .

In 1876, by Royal Order of June 7, the Corps assumed the performance of the rural and forestry security and police service. This new mission included functions of protecting public forests, preventing fires, preventing clandestine exploitation of resources and others.

Organic Law 2/1986 on State Security Forces and Corps entrusts the Civil Guard with ensuring the conservation of nature and the environment . Consequently, General Order No. 72 of June 21, 1988 creates the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), as a specialized response of the Civil Guard to the constitutional mandate of guaranteeing the right of citizens to enjoy an adequate environment. as well as the duty to preserve it.


The mission of SEPRONA is to ensure compliance with the provisions that tend to conserve nature and the environment, water resources, as well as hunting, fish, forestry and any other wealth related to nature.

In this way, it is responsible for the protection of soil, water and atmosphere, animal health and the conservation of flora and fauna species . The Service also fights against spills and environmental pollution, illegal trade in protected species, irregular hunting and fishing activities, defence of natural spaces, prevention, investigation and extinction of fires.


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