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Vueling’s Facial Recognition Takes Off


Vueling airlines has introduced a cutting-edge facial recognition system at several airports, including Ibiza. Passengers can voluntarily use this system to avoid taking out their documents from security control to boarding, streamlining the boarding process.

The system’s initial deployment began in November 2023 at five Aena network airports: Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, Menorca, and Ibiza.

With the new system, passengers can bypass document retrieval and boarding pass display, thanks to a biometric system that, after passing initial security checks, verifies each person’s identity accurately.

Biometric technology will be available at security checkpoints and a set of selected boarding gates for both domestic and international flights.

The system was implemented after successfully completing a pilot test initiated two years ago on the Barcelona to Malaga route. In the coming weeks, the company aims to expand the facial recognition system to airports in Tenerife Norte and Gran Canaria.

Who is AENA?

AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea) is the Spanish public body that manages and operates the majority of airports and air navigation services in Spain. In English, it translates to Spanish Airports and Air Navigation. AENA plays a crucial role in the development, maintenance, and management of the country’s airport infrastructure, including major international airports. The organization is responsible for overseeing airport operations, ensuring safety and security, and implementing air navigation services.

AENA is a key player in the Spanish aviation industry, contributing to the facilitation of air travel within Spain and connecting the country to international destinations.


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