Home News Police in Valencia Take 10,000 Unsafe Toys Off The Streets

Police in Valencia Take 10,000 Unsafe Toys Off The Streets

Police in Valencia Take 10,000 Unsafe Toys Off The Streets
Police in Valencia Take 10,000 Unsafe Toys Off The Streets. Image: Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil has seized 10,696 potentially dangerous toys in the Valencian town of Manises for not meeting strict EU safety rules

Two people are also being investigated for an alleged copyright crime against industrial property. A total of 14 complaints have been filed for violations of Royal Decree 1205/2011 on Safety in Toys and another four of Law 28/2005, on health measures against smoking, for the sale of vapers in unauthorized places.

Guardia Civil agents, on the run-up to Christmas campaign, carried out a total of seven searches in various businesses in Manises. Officers seized a total of 10,696 toys with an approximate value of 5,000 euros from six of them.

Children’s toys must have the ‘CE’ marking, a mark of the European Community that must appear throughout this economic area and that certifies compliance with the regulatory requirements of trade in this area, among others those of safety.

The seizures have occurred because the toys did not have this marking, and in some of them, the acronyms appeared but referred to ‘China Export’ and not the European Community.

The difference in marking is mainly the spacing of the letters ‘CE,’ as the ‘China Export’ symbol brings the letters closer together, reducing the space between them compared to that of the ‘European Community.’

The main infractions that have been detected are related to the safety and manufacturing of toys. Specifically, violations have been detected in the labeling of toys and packaging, most of them for not meeting requirements such as being in Spanish or lacking data on the importer, distributor, manufacturer, etc. Others are related to the instructions for the toys, either because they do not have them or because they are not in Spanish.

The Guardia Civil reminds that those responsible for the safety of toys in the European Union are the manufacturers, importers, and distributors who put these products on the market.

This operation has been carried out by members of the Guardia Civil belonging to the Tax and Border Patrols of Valencia.

For more information, you can call the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of the Guardia Civil of Valencia at 96-317.23.85.


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