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Sisters Accused Of Killing Their Own Father


A man has filed a complaint against two of his sisters, accusing them of allegedly killing their father with high doses of an anxiolytic without his knowledge, with the aim of seizing control of his money.

The complainant has requested the court to accept the complaint, accessible to the news agency EFE, along with all the documentation claiming that his sisters “increasingly needed more money from their father” and allegedly supplied him with high doses of diazepam, “so that the father would be asleep and fading away.”

On January 5, 2024, the man was admitted to a hospital in Malaga due to organ failure and died, according to the medical report obtained by EFE, from drug poisoning with suicidal intent.

The lawyer representing the complainant, Paola Martínez Ledesma, assured EFE that the deceased was “incapable of attempting against his own life” and claims that the sisters themselves admitted to her client, after the father had been cremated, that they were administering the pills to him without his knowledge, mixed in water.

Ledesma warns that the sisters “hurried” the father’s cremation and insists that they allegedly “poisoned him in an effort to settle and manage his assets.”

The complainant alleges that after the father’s death, “financial disputes continued, even during the wake, demonstrating a lack of respect and consideration for the deceased.”

He also accuses them of going to the father’s residence to dispose of the pills “to eliminate evidence of the other pills they were supplying without his consent and to simulate a suicide.”

The complaint maintains that they allegedly took his life deliberately through the pills and left him alone for an entire morning to prevent assistance.

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