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Tourists in Barcelona face swimming pool ban

Tourist ban on swimming pools
Tourists in Spain’s Barcelona are facing a swimming pool ban as more water-saving measures are set to be brought in across Catalonia which is facing its ‘worst drought ever’.

The decision was announced by the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. The Government has expressed gratitude for the ‘effort’ of the productive sectors. In fact, the president has emphasized that this ‘effort has been worthwhile’ because, otherwise, ‘we would be much worse off.’ The decree includes short-term and medium-term emergency measures and establishes collaboration with municipalities and the government to expedite the adaptation of infrastructure in response to ‘a new climatic reality.’

‘I am absolutely convinced that with collaboration, anticipation, and a great collective effort, we will overcome the drought,’ said Aragonès. The president has likened the crisis to ‘challenges’ such as the pandemic and is confident that Catalonia will overcome it.

A low water table caused by a lack of rainfall in the Spanish region has seen drastic restrictions imposed on the city, as well as hundreds of smaller communities.

The new measures, which take effect today, February 2, include a prohibition on washing cars and watering public gardens, except for the use of recycled water.

Private property swimming pools, such as those in hotels and resorts, are now permitted to receive water top-ups only if they are equipped with their own regeneration systems. Additionally, the practice of emptying and refilling these pools is no longer allowed.

On the other hand, outdoor club facilities are exempt from these restrictions, but they must offset their water consumption by turning off their showers.

In response to the water crisis, residents have received directives from the regional government to reduce their water consumption by 5%. This reduction is coupled with a restriction on water supply, limiting it to 200 litres per person per day.


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