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New Mobile App For Torremolinos Low Emissions Zone


A new Android and Apple OS mobile app available for download called ‘Torremolinos Despega’ incorporates a new section on the Low Emissions Zone

The mobile app ‘Torremolinos Takes Off’ includes among its multiple services a new section dedicated to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ), where aspects such as detailed information, an informative leaflet, the affected area map, a link to the citizen survey, and the option to check a vehicle’s environmental badge can be found- reported the City Council.

Among other things, it is explained that the environmental badge is a way of classifying vehicles based on their energy efficiency, taking into account their environmental impact. Thus, there are four types of labels: zero emissions (blue), Eco, C (green), and B (yellow).

As explained by the Torremolinos City Council, these €5 badges can be obtained at Post Offices, at the Spanish Confederation of Repair Workshops (CETRAA) network of workshops, and other authorised workshop networks, through Administrative Managers, at the Automotive Studies Institute (IDEAUTO), and in the case of fleets, labels can be obtained through the Ganvam association.

Thus, they have reminded that the implementation of the Low Emission Zone is mandatory for all cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, as established by the European Union. The Torremolinos City Council has already installed it in a timely manner, having informed that no driver will be fined for at least the first six months of its operation in the municipality.

Regarding its display, they have highlighted that those who already have the ‘Torremolinos Takes Off’ app on their devices and still do not see the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) section should update the application to see the information.

The app can be downloaded for free through IOS or Android depending on the device, and it has many other sections such as municipal information, alerts, news, culture, sports, education, tourist information, citizen participation activities, public services to facilitate the payment of taxes or access to grants, among others.

Its objective is to improve the contact and relationship of citizens with the City Council, as a complement to all the information and services offered on the municipal website, where there is also a specific banner about the Low Emission Zone.


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