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Spanish Farmers Cause Road Gridlocks

Spanish Farmers protest in Girona
Spanish Farmers cause traffic gridlock in Girona. Image: Twitter

Spanish farmer protests have resulted in road closures across several municipalities in the past few hours

Zaragoza, Huesca, Lleida, Barcelona, Teruel or Seville are some of the provinces affected by traffic disruptions this morning.
Sunday, February 11, marked the first day of the indefinite strike action by transporters and Spanish farmers.

There have been more road closures in various areas caused by several columns of tractors blocking access this morning.

The tractor marches began yesterday (Sunday, February 11) at around 17:00 in the planned locations. They were called by farmers to continue protesting against the high production costs and unfair competition from imports. Today, Monday February 12, marks one week since the start of the protests by Spanish farmers.

The Spanish farmers strikes have been echoed by farmers in countries such as France, Poland and Greece over the same issue. “With different shades, in the whole of the EU, we have the same problems,” said Donaciano Dujo, vice president of ASAJA, one the largest farmers associations in Spain.

Agriculture and food related industries and services provide over 44 million jobs in the EU, including regular work for 20 million people within the agricultural sector itself.

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