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Guardia Civil Killers Imprisoned

Guardia Civil Killers Imprisoned
Six Guardia Civil Killers have been Imprisoned: Image: X (formerly Twitter)

Six of the eight arrested in the Barbate smuggling case where two Guardia Civil Officers were killed have been sent to prison

A judge overseeing the case of two Guardia Civil officers who were killed after their vessel was rammed by a narco-boat in Barbate, Cadiz, has ordered six of the detainees to be remanded in custody.

Two Released with Charges

The remaining two were granted provisional release with charges after appearing before the Barbate judge. They were the ones who drove to Sotogrande to pick up some of the six people aboard the narco-boat that rammed the agents.

Prison Bound

Among those sent to prison is the boat’s pilot, Francisco Javier M.P., aka “Kiko El Cabra,” aged 46, from La Línea de la Concepción, with a record of resistance, disobedience, and money laundering.

Also included are J.I.A.B., 39, with numerous drug-related offenses, and M.C., 24, with no prior convictions, alongside three others aged 21, 24, and 28, with records for drug trafficking, assaulting officers, and other crimes.

Released Individuals

The two released individuals, aged 34 and 54, have previous police records for drug trafficking and smuggling.

Arraignment Amidst Public Outcry

All eight detainees faced arraignment amidst public outcry, with neighbors shouting insults as they arrived at court. Each of the six detainees faces charges of two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, six counts of aggravated assault, smuggling, and resisting authority.

Continued Investigations

Investigations also continue for the two detained for picking up the boat’s occupants, facing charges of aiding and abetting and resisting arrest. The officers were buried recently in Cadiz and Pamplona. The case has sparked outrage among Guardia Civil associations over working conditions in the area.

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