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Major Marijuana Labs Busts Rock Malaga

Marijuana Labs Malaga
Marijuana labs were discovered in Malaga/ NATIONAL POLICE OF MALAGA

Guardia Civil’s Operation Shuts Down Marijuana Labs in Malaga

Guardia Civil agents dismantled ten indoor marijuana labs in northern Malaga, arresting six for drug trafficking and electricity fraud. The suspects used four flats for cultivation. Over 700 plants were seized.

Investigation focused on multiple drug labs in one building, leading to the discovery of ten cannabis labs during Operation ‘Nova’. The labs were clandestinely set up with technical equipment, causing disturbances to neighbors.

Fire Hazard Warning

Many cases involve unqualified individuals making electrical connections, posing fire hazards. Raids on the flats housing the labs led to six arrests for drug trafficking and electricity theft.

Additionally, Central District Police found 500 plants in another raid, resulting in three more arrests. The operation received collaboration from the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) and electric supply technicians.

Alhaurín el Grande, Malaga, January 2024

In one of the properties, there was an indoor marijuana plantation illegally powered with electricity.The Guardia Civil arrested ten individuals in Alhaurín el Grande, Malaga, for alleged involvement in drug trafficking and electricity theft offenses. One of them has been remanded in custody.

The investigation began after reports of drug sales in several homes in El Bajondillo area, with a continuous flow of consumers. After confirming drug sales in four homes, mainly heroin and cocaine mixtures with high adulteration, and an indoor marijuana plantation powered illegally, agents conducted five raids, dismantling four drug points and a marijuana plantation. Additionally, the illegal electrical hookup was disconnected.

Overseen by Coín’s Investigative Court No. 2, the investigation concluded with the arrest of ten individuals. Eight are charged with drug trafficking and electricity theft, while two face other outstanding judicial warrants. Furthermore, one detainee has been linked to a burglary in the area. All detainees have been presented before the judicial authority, resulting in one remand in custody.


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