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Spain Hosts Almost 200,000 Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian refugees head to Spain

Spain has emerged as a beacon of hope for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the devastation of Russia’s aggression, with nearly 200,000 finding refuge within its borders over the past two years

Solidarity Amid Crisis For Ukrainian Refugees In Spain

Marking the second anniversary of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Spain stands in solidarity with the war-torn nation, extending a warm welcome to 199,000 individuals seeking shelter from the conflict. Minister Elma Saiz of Social Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration emphasizes Spain’s unwavering support for these refugees, highlighting that 61 percent are women and 31 percent are minors.

Significant Refugee Population

Since the outbreak of the conflict, over 201,000 Ukrainians, predominantly women, have sought sanctuary in Spain. The nation currently ranks fifth in the European Union for providing temporary protection, with 199,000 individuals benefitting from its hospitality.

Demographic Insights

Among Spain’s refugee population, 31.7 percent are minors, totaling 62,447, while 61.2 percent are women, including 1,769 unaccompanied minors. With an average age of 31, the displaced individuals exhibit a high level of education, with over 60 percent holding higher education degrees.

Integration Efforts

Spain’s integration efforts have yielded promising results, with 29,500 minors enrolled in schools and 20,500 individuals employed, over half of whom are women.

Humanitarian Response

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Spanish government has been actively addressing the humanitarian crisis triggered by the conflict. Immediate measures included documentation and care for the more than 8,000 refugees arriving weekly.

Establishment of CREADE Centers

The rapid establishment of four CREADE (Reception, Attention, and Referral Centers) facilities within weeks proved instrumental in providing essential documentation and emergency accommodation to the influx of refugees. Located strategically in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, and Malaga, these centers offer temporary protection, reception services, and assistance in various aspects of integration.

Financial Support

Spain’s commitment to aiding Ukrainian refugees has surpassed €1.4 billion, with funding from both the national government and the EU. An extraordinary credit line of €1.2 billion was approved in 2022, with a significant portion allocated to ministries such as Health and Education, distributed to Autonomous Communities based on needs.

EU Contribution

EU funding has been crucial, with €28 million integrated into Spain’s National Program of the Fund for Migration Asylum and Integration (FAMI), along with an additional €209 million through the EU Social Fund (ESF). An additional €50 million awaits final approval by the Commission under the ESF.


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