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Valencia firefighters rescue cat eight days after blaze

Valencia firefighters cat rescue: Firefighters discovered the cat in one of the buildings that burned eight days ago in Valencia Spain

Firefighters found the animal while recovering belongings and documentation in the buildings. The emergency workers found the animal while recovering belongings in the buildings in the niche of a dry column. They handed over the cat to its owner in the Campanar neighbourhood “with great satisfaction.”

A tribute with bouquets of flowers and a wreath was placed in front of the ‘Callejeros’ sculpture, located in the Pinazo square of Valencia, in memory of the pets that died during the fire.

Among the bouquets, there was also a card with a message to all the animals that lost their lives in the building, “Trillions of kisses to the rainbow”: “Always in our hearts, rest in peace,” read the postcard,

Animal welfare groups such as Alternativa Felina expressed condolences for the “deceased furry ones” and estimated that 40 dogs and 36 cats lost their lives in the Campanar fire, although official records have not been provided at this time.

Therefore, the Animalist Coordinator of the Valencian Community requested this Monday from the General Directorate of Environment and Animal of the Generalitat the counting of dead animals “out of respect for the victims,” as the association stated on social media. In this regard, they urged the authorities to, if “the circumstances of the building allow it,” families can recover their deceased pets so they can “manage the grief that comes with loss.”

Likewise, they urged to gather “as soon as possible” the commission responsible for the regulatory development of Law 2/2023 to implement the protocols to follow in case of disasters and other unforeseen situations.


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