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Barcelona to reuse shower water to flush toilets

Barcelona gray shower water to be reused

The Barcelona City Council has initiated the processing of a new ordinance to utilize gray water in newly constructed buildings and large renovations, mandating the reuse of shower and bathtub water for toilet flushing

In a statement released on Friday, March 1, the city council explained that its objective is to approve the regulation by the end of 2024, with the first step being to open a participatory process, culminating in the drafting of the initial text for debate and approval.

According to the City Council, the reuse of gray water will help reduce the consumption of potable water in households, estimating that a four-person household generates around 200 liters of gray water per day.

The new regulation will establish the technical criteria for utilizing this gray water with “quality assurance and sustainability.”

It assured that this reuse is “profitable” in buildings with more than 16 dwellings or with a minimum annual water consumption of 500 cubic meters.

The city council added that the investment to install this system “is minimal” and quickly recovers, as it allows for a direct saving of around €90 per year per household through reduced consumption.

In addition to this initiative, Spain is currently facing water shortages, with many regions experiencing drought conditions. The implementation of measures like reusing gray water in Barcelona highlights the importance of sustainable water management practices to mitigate the impact of water scarcity across the country.

Explainer: What Water Is Safe to Reuse? Water that’s safe to reuse at home is called gray water, and that means any water that isn’t contaminated with human waste, harmful chemicals, or large amounts of other waste. This means that water from your shower, bathtub and sink is usually safe.

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