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Avoiding Traffic Fines

Guardia Civil Trafico asks driver for documents

“Remember, folks! Make sure you’ve got all your essential car documents with you when hitting the road. The DGT could slap you with fines up to 500 euros otherwise! Stay legal, stay safe, save money! 🚗💼

🚗 It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Read this if you don’t want those hefty fines ruining your day!

When we take the wheel, it’s essential to be prepared with the appropriate documentation to avoid unnecessary penalties. In that regard, the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) sets certain mandatory requirements regarding the paperwork we must carry in the car. These documents are not only essential for complying with legal regulations but also ensure safer driving without hitches in case they are required by the relevant authorities, the absence of which results in fines of up to 500 euros. To avoid this, here are the documents we must carry in the car if we want to avoid the penalty.

Mandatory documents:

    Driving licence: This document is essential for those who will be driving the vehicle, as it certifies that the driver is properly trained and authorized to drive a car. However, it’s important to carry the type of licence corresponding to the vehicle you are going to drive.

    Vehicle registration certificate: Links the vehicle to its owner and contains essential details such as the make, model, number of seats, registration number, and chassis number. It can be replaced by a certified photocopy.

    Vehicle Inspection Card (ITV): Provides information about the vehicle’s technical specifications and its inspection status. It must be accompanied by the latest ITV report and the corresponding sticker on the windscreen.

    Car insurance: Although it has not been necessary to carry the physical policy since 2008, it is mandatory to have valid insurance. Its validity can be checked through the Vehicle Insurance Information File, although the DGT advises carrying a copy of the documentation in case there is a system failure and the agent cannot access the information.

Can mandatory documentation be carried on a mobile phone?

In 2020, the DGT launched the mobile application ‘MiDGT’ to offer users the possibility of carrying documentation on their mobile phones. However, it is recommended to carry physical documents as a backup in case of any inconvenience.

Fines for absence of documents

According to the DGT, not carrying the mandatory documents results in an administrative fine of 10 euros for each missing document. Meanwhile, late renewal of the driving licence or vehicle registration certificate entails a fine of 80 euros.

On the other hand, driving an unauthorized vehicle or presenting an invalid licence can result in a fine of 500 euros and the loss of four licence points. Similarly, driving without a valid vehicle registration or with an expired or rejected ITV can also result in fines of up to 500 euros. Finally, the absence of an insurance policy can result in a fine ranging from 601 to 3,005 euros.

In an alarming announcement issued last weekend by the General Directorate of Traffic through its official X account (formerly Twitter), the organization revealed that seven out of ten fatalities due to interurban road accidents in our country are the result five infractions as common as they are potentially lethal.

These violations of the General Traffic Regulations range from failure to comply with priority signs to reckless (and illegal) overtaking and, in the middle of 2024, they continue to claim lives on our roads every day.


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