Home News Broken Mammogram Scanner Leaves Women At Risk In Malaga

Broken Mammogram Scanner Leaves Women At Risk In Malaga


Mammography Equipment Breakdown Affects Breast Cancer Screening in Puerta Blanca, Málaga

The mammography apparatus at the early breast cancer detection unit in Puerta Blanca, Málaga, has been out of operation for nearly two months due to a malfunction.

The Health Department has opted for its replacement with a new machine. However, this situation is currently affecting hundreds of women in the western part of the city who rely on this health centre for preventive screenings against the disease. The new machine is “already being installed,” but the start date of its operation remains unknown. Currently, the appointment schedule remains closed as the necessary equipment for the crucial screening test is still unavailable.

Concerns and Plans for Replacement

In early November, Health Minister Catalina García, during a visit to Málaga when the mammography device was already non-functional, announced the replacement with a more modern one. Responding ironically to the Socialist Party’s claim that around 36,000 women were experiencing delays in their mammograms, she stated, “I’m glad that the PSOE is now concerned. When we took office [in the Junta de Andalucía], obsolescence posed a danger,” acknowledging the issue of suspended tests due to not reaching all locations yet. She emphasized that the Health Department was implementing a technological renewal plan, with a regional investment of €680 million, covering the replacement of not only these devices but also PET scanners, magnetic resonance imaging, and X-ray equipment. The completion of this technological renewal is projected for 2024.

Concerns from Women’s Advocacy Groups and Users

The Association of Women Mastectomized in Málaga (Asamma) welcomed the renewal of the Puerta Blanca mammography machine but expressed concern over the suspension of screening tests during these weeks. Asamma President, Francisca Aguilar, highlighted that the health center’s device had always functioned well, but this incident, lasting for over a month, was causing delays in many appointments.

A Puerta Blanca user, M. G., shared her experience, expressing concern about the closure of the appointment schedule for the first time in her 12-year participation in the early breast cancer detection program. She noted the challenge of potential accumulations of appointments once screenings resume, affecting many women who missed their scheduled tests during the past few weeks.


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