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Costa Cops Intercept Drug Trafficking Boats


The Guardia Civil Seizes five drug trafficking boats off the Andalucian Coast

The Guardia Civil has arrested 6 people and identified 3 others, and five boats have been seized, four of them semi-rigid with several engines each.

In various operations carried out during the past few days, in different points along the Cadiz coast and the Guadalquivir River, the Guardia Civil has proceeded to the arrest of 6 individuals and the identification of 3 others involved in illicit activities. In these operations, 5 boats have been seized, 4 of which were semi-rigid, and 2,319 kilograms of hashish and 7,725 liters of fuel have been confiscated.

In one of the operations, carried out in collaboration with the Portuguese National Republican Guard (GNR), 76 bundles of hashish were recovered from a boat. In another intervention, the detainees threw the packages into the sea to avoid being apprehended by the agents.

Furthermore, last weekend, agents intercepted a boat on the Guadalquivir River carrying 3,850 liters of gasoline intended to supply the semi-rigid boats involved in illicit activities. All these actions are part of the services provided by police to combat organizations dedicated to drug trafficking.

Drug smuggling, unfortunately, is a reality in Spain, but it’s important to understand the situation in its complexity:

  • Spain’s geographical location: Situated near major drug-producing regions and having a long coastline, Spain becomes a transit point for drug trafficking into Europe. Additionally, it serves as a destination market for illegal drugs.
  • Evolving landscape: Drug trafficking in Spain is constantly changing. While traditional criminal organizations exist, reports suggest a shift towards more diverse and adaptable groups, including Eastern European mafias and even individuals seeking anonymity.
  • Law enforcement efforts: Spanish authorities actively combat drug trafficking. Recent operations have seen significant drug seizures and arrests, demonstrating their ongoing efforts.

Therefore, while drug smuggling is an issue in Spain, it’s not accurate to say it’s “common” for everyone to encounter it. Spanish authorities are dedicated to tackling this complex problem, and the situation is constantly evolving.

If you have any concerns related to drug smuggling or illegal activity, it’s always recommended to contact the appropriate authorities.


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